Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Boulder Ridge

This was our first year going to Boulder Ridge and we LOVED it. So much more hands on opportunities than your run of the mill zoo. The kids will a little overwhelmed at first as you bring them in through their store filled with stuffed animals and toys galore, just to get admission. Smart on the park's part but Austin couldn't stop thinking about what toy he was going to pick out! Toddlers!!

We started out at the bird aviary. We were the only ones in there and they certainly swarmed us!
My Dad and I were having a ball, but Ava immediately started crying and had to get out of there.
Austin didn't mind it at first.
They were starting to nibble at ME once the stick was running out of bird food, so we headed for the exit before anyone got pooped on!
They had so many options as far as what type of food to buy for which animals. I am pretty sure my kids ate the "graham crackers" they were supposed to feed to the goats.
Ahh the giraffes. I love giraffes. On our bucket list was to head to Binder Park Zoo to see the giraffes but this was even better. They came right over to the fence and bent down to eat our carrots.
Such beautiful animals!
Ava still wasn't quite sure about all these animals being so close, so I helped her out.
Meet Darla the camel. She was fun to feed as well.
This pic is my favorite!!
Then we took the safari ride around the land to see the antelope, zebras, ostriches and more!

There were even more animals around that we almost missed! I hear this zebra likes to give kisses!
Bye Darla, until next year!! Can't wait to go back!

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