Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ava takes Ballet

One day my mom called and excitedly said "I signed Ava up for ballet!". I was excited too but hesistant. Ava's not one to branch away from me yet and do something on her own. Knowing that I'd have to drop her off and wait outside the classrom, I was thinking, 'Good Luck with distracting Ava enough to get her to stop crying!' Little did I know that I would eat those words and that Ava would actually pout upon leaving the first class because she didn't want to leave.
The class is 4-5 girls ages two to four. Ava immediately went into class and didn't look back at me. Even when I tried to peek into the room and snap a quick picture, she would see me and shout "No Mommy!".
So you can imagine how excited I was on the fourth week when parents get to sit in the classroom and watch.
My mom took videos with my phone while I was snapping pictures like crazy with my camera.
The class is very fun and creative taken at our local rec center.
I am sure you're not suprised that Ava has 4 leotards now even though she only goes once a week for 4 weeks. But since she loved it SOOO much, I immediately signed her up for the next 4 week session.
All the girls are so cute with their hair in little buns, oversized and fluffy tutus and itty bitty ballet shoes.
Ava really enjoys playing with the brightly colored scarves.
My absolute favorite picture. Growing up before my eyes.

Those little poses kill me! Nothing but adorable.
Just two more weeks left and then she will take a little break as Austin heads off to Soccer once a week. But I am sure we'll be signing up again after his session is done because there isn't a day that goes by that Ava doesn't ask to go to ballet class. That might just have the be the theme for her third birthday. I mean who thinks about that stuff 6 months in advance......(this girl does)

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