Sunday, December 8, 2013


Jason and I were in a pretty crazy state of mind when we decided to get pregnant when Austin was only 6 months old. Neither Jason or I consider ourselves huge baby people. Don't get me wrong, I love babies, but having a newborn is one of the craziest stages in life.

Some people would give anything to go back to the breasfeeding, up in the middle of the night, blow out diaper changing days.

I am not one of them.

When we realized that our children were only going to be 15 months apart, I didn't really know what that meant. I asked many people around me about their children and how many months/years they were apart. Everyone with close children raved about it! So happy that their children were close together. They'd list all these benefits that made me feel somewhat validated in our decision.

Sure you get diapers over with a little faster, there aren't any bottles to wash night after night, they like to play with the same toys...oh that's right, they like the same toys! Toys get fought over like gold in our house. It's not that one toy is that amazing, but they LOVE to want what each other have.

I know that's likely common in most households but it's bad at our house. They taunt each other constantly. Example: Ava has a flamingo stuffed animal in the car. Austin wants said flamingo. Ava doesn't want to share so she keeps holding it out to Austin and saying "Mingo! Mingo Austin. Mine!" She doesn't just do this once, she does this the.whole.way.home!

They love to get on each other's nerves. Ava will be minding her own business and Austin will come ask Ava a question. If she says no, Austin starts yelling at her "Don't say no Ava Jayne Rogers!". Within two seconds, Ava is crying.

I feel like I am constantly asking them to stay away from each other. Don't touch each other, don't talk to each other, Ava stop spitting at Austin, Austin stop yelling at Ava, Austin don't poke her, Ava no biting, Austin she had it first, Ava stop screaming, Austin, Ava, Austin, Ava, Stop, Don't, Repeat!

Does this mean that soon this stage will disappear and they won't want to be apart? Do we have to go through this first to get to the stage where they are inseperable and love each other too much?

Hopeful thinking isn't it.

Someone said Austin will likely be protective over Ava, is that before or after he pushes her down the stairs? Do households with two boys the same age apart have the same problem? Or two girls? Hard to teach your three year old what ignoring your sister means. The whole car ride home she tries to fire Austin up. He has an instant temper and if he could just block her out of his mind.....but he's three. That's not part of his nature at this age.

Is it legal to swat your kids with a fly swatter while driving? Can I get a divider in my car that blocks out sound like those in a limousine?

It's a struggle as a parent to figure out when to step in when your children are fighting and when to just let them figure it out.....usually for me that means until someone comes running and crying.

Everything with children is a stage.....let's just hope this one is short lived.....or maybe let's hope they continue to love to spend time together even if half the time they are fighting.


  1. My kids don't sound much different & they are 9 & 13. ( both boys) I also fantasize about installing a limo panel for the driver. Some times I make them sit in different rows of seats in our mini van :)

  2. Thanks Cori!! Every once and a while you have to remind yourself that not every day comes up roses or whatever that saying is.

    Dee in BC- Thanks for making me smile today! Wish I had more rows than one in my vehicle!!

  3. The fly swatter made me laugh out loud! Always good for a giggle :) hope you're doing well despite the sibling rivalry, miss ya!


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