Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Full House

This Christmas is just as crazy as last. Last Christmas I gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it one else singing that song with me? Ok, excuse me for trying to fit Christmas songs into every day conversation.

Last year we were moving into our new house just one weekend before Christmas. The house was barely decorated and was so brand new that it felt kinda cold.

This Christmas, we are fully decorated with a huge wreath, a big urn out front with berries, sumac, and pine, lots of bows and ribbons around wherever we could place them, a mantel overfilled with tiny lights and candles.....I could go on.

Although, I don't think it would be THIS decorated if I didn't have my Mom living in my basement. My parents moved in about a week before Thanksgiving since they sold their house and the condo they are building won't be done until around Christmas or a little after.

Both Jason and I will be quite sad when my parents move out. For one thing, my dad is, what do you call it, a Mary Maid, or Molly Maid, or something like that. When I walk in the door with two tired kids from a long day at school, it's so nice to see that the laundry is done, there are no dishes in the sink, and the wood floor isn't covered in dog hair.

My Mom keeps me as productive as I can be. We have made Christmas candy and caramels, wrapped presents galore, worked on homemade cards, sewn stockings and infinity scarves for teacher gifts, and I am sure there is so much more. Not to mention our list of things we WANT to do is huge. We still have to make tablecloths and favors for the tables since I am hosting Christmas this year.

Just as much as I will be sad to see my parents go, my Mom even said today she will be just as tearful. It's kinda funny that she will only be a half mile away and yet we are talking about it as if she is moving out of state. Honestly, my parents can't move any closer. But that's the way we like it.

My Grandparents on my Mom's side were a huge part of my life. Every Saturday we spent the day together. Talk about memories. Playing dice, making gin n' tonics (I was always too young...but I'll forever remember those), having dinner together always followed by a dessert, and then more cards or dice!

Looking forward to many more Saturdays filled with family.

For now, this full house will be getting ready for a Christmas with 25 more members of this crazy family eating, opening presents, chasing little kiddos, and lots and lots of laughing!

p.s. Austin wants a garbage truck for Christmas. A BIG one. 'THHHIIIIISSS BIG' as he stretchs out his hands to show Santa just how big it has to be.

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