Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ding Dong...Trick or Treat!

Smartest thing ever......take pics of the kids in their costumes on a beautiful day in September/October long before the cold and rainy Halloween night!

I bought Austin's costume long before Halloween knowing that he loved sharks. I was just hoping and praying that he wouldn't change his mind or decide all of a sudden he really didn't love sharks anymore.

 He clearly enjoyed playing the part!

Ava's costume was a piece of cake as she's still too little to decide what she wants to be. As soon as I saw the little strawberry/watermeon (I think it's the former) costume at carter's, I was hooked.

They had a blast as usual carving pumpkins with Kate.

Austin's request for Mike Wazowski was excellently executed by our resident pumpkin expert
The actual night of Halloween we had all the family over. We went across the street and as Austin rang the bell and said trick or treat, he walked right into the neighbor's house! Oops, no Austin, we stay out here! He only made it one more house before he was already walking home to get warm and eat his candy.

The kids are still wearing their costumes almost daily. Whoever's idea it was to get 5$ costumes at Marshall's the day after was one smart person, because I got Ava an adorable bumblebee costume that she has been having fun playing dress up in. I have to remember that for next year!

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