Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Austin: 3 years old

My shark costume wearing, monster loving, little einstein watching, eater of nothing but gummy worms, little boy turned 3 years old this past week.

He absolutely loved the construction theme of his birthday party this year. He is all about diggers and dump trucks. Sometimes he lines up every single construction toy in a row (maybe a little OCD.....we're blaming Grandpa for that!)

Austin is still quite the picky little eater. But somehow Jason got him hooked on cottage cheese! At least he's getting some protein. He'd eat sweets and treats all day long just like his mama!

Austin loves to play in the basement. Something about an unfinished basement leads to hours of fun and imagination. We moved the bounce house indoors for the winter and the kids LOVE it. Maybe with the bounce house and the tent and all the toys scattered everywhere, it's like our own mini-Disney world down there!

Austin moved up to the Dino room at school. It's more along the lines of pre-school. I rejoice because his tuition goes down a bit but Austin rejoices because he is back with his friends that have moved up over the past few months.

Austin's favorite movie right now is Cars 2. He loves Mater.

When I asked him what he was going to ask Santa for Christmas, he said a big Garbage Truck!

He refuses to wear his winter coat to school. One of his many stubborn choices, coming from the person who just ran out of the house the past few 30 degree days running errands without a coat on! Oh well, they said it was safer in a carseat without it so maybe he is making the right choice.

He has recently found a new love with chocolate milk.

He has been going once a week to Introduction to Sports Class at the Y. He loved soccer. Basketball was a bit harder for him. He turns into a real shy guy when he gets there. I thought this class would be a good way to show him all the sports and find out if anything really lights a spark in him. Turns out that being a Lefty is a bonus when it comes to sports!

That's my 3 year old in a nutshell. Oh and Grandpa's his best friend. No surprise there.

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