Friday, January 25, 2013

Racing to the Potty

Daycare certainly has its positives and negatives. We are exposed to 8 thousand germs everyday. We have to pay a babysitter when daycare is closed (or beg Gamma or Gackum to help), it seems like they check my kids temperatures every 5 minutes so that they are sent home......BUT one of the many positives.....Austin has 11 other children in his class that all potty train together. Monkey see Monkey do. Austin is 26 months and ready to be potty trained and I thought we'd have another year before this started. Daycare has told me it's time for me to give up the diapers. It just so happens my mom just bought Austin 4 pair of big boy underwear so we were prepared when the middle of the week request came to get going on the training.

Austin was really excited. He has been staying dry and going on the potty for weeks now at school. So last night was interesting as he had the multiple accidents and I had to watch him like a hawk, all while setting timers and asking him every two seconds if he wanted to go visit the potty.

This morning Austin ripped his diaper to shreds. No Mommy! But I was very scared for the car ride to school. Especially with the weather, it's not a short ride. So I padded his carseat and just prayed. As we get closer to school Austin is yelling at me "Pee pee in the toilet! Pee pee in the toilet!". So we rush into school which is no easy task considering the slippery sidewalks and Ava in my arms, but we had a smaller accident than I expected and he went on the toilet. My favorite part was seeing his grin has he turned around to look at me while he was so proud of himself.

Amazing what creates excitment in life when you have a toddler.

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