Monday, March 21, 2011

4 months

When I was in PA school, we were in the pediatrics module when we learned and had to memorize the developmental milestones. Not only are they drilled into my head as being in the medical field, but now as a parent, you know when and how old a child will be when they should be performing that milestone. I think every parent watches that time frame go by at one time in a child's life, and sigh as you realize it just isn't their time yet. It's hard to remember that each child is an individual and will do things when they are ready.

This upcoming Wednesday is Austin's 4 month appointment. Back at his 2 month appointment, the doctor asked if Austin was cooing, which at the time, he may have once or twice but nothing regular. When she left the room, she said "I am sure Austin will be cooing a lot in a few weeks!" Sure enough, she was right, and now we even had to leave church just a few weeks ago because Austin was cooing TOO much!

I was just telling a friend a few days ago how Austin hadn't rolled over yet, and I was excited for that to happen. As we sat around my parents house with my brother and his girlfriend and my parents, we watched Austin on his tummy as he lifted up his left side, and plopped on over to his back! I immediately jumped up off the floor and shouted for joy! Poor little Austin had somewhat of  a scared look on his face, not only had he suprised himself but now his mother was screaming!

Who knew that something that seems so small, like rolling over, could be so exciting! I was apprehensive to call Jason because he has been gone for a few weeks for the army. I had felt bad that he had missed something, one of Austin's "Firsts". My mom reminded me that we all miss a "first" at one point. Austin will undoubtably do something for the first time at school or when he is home on Mondays with Jason all day and I will have missed it. But thankfully, we all get to catch it with our own eyes at one point, and that will be the "first" in our minds.

Austin is loving to stand these days and sit up with help. The moment you place him in his car seat, he lifts his head up as if to say "get me out of here!" He's also grasping his toys and using his hands more purposefully. He even started growing in his new hair, which is much lighter than the previous (which is still hanging out in the back of his head). Jason threatens to "help" that hair fall out by giving Austin a little trim! His eyes are still a very dark blue so maybe he'll keep those like his Dad or they still have some time to change.

This boy loves to stand SO much these days that Grandma even invested in some cute new shoes...
He also enjoys the bumbo....especially so he can watch ballgames with grandpa!

Hard to believe Austin is growing up so much and so fast! Everyone says "they grow up so fast" but you don't really believe it until it is happening before your eyes. His 4 month appointment is on Wednesday and I can't wait to find out his stats and percentages! It always suprises me and makes me so happy that being 4 weeks early didn't phase this growing boy!!

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  1. So Cute! Are those the new 9 month pajamas? Tara goes in for a Dr. appointment today, and they just might send her to the hospital if they think she is ready so we are praying for that! I'll let you know if I know anything...her appointment is late this afternoon!


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