Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our First Week at Home

Tomorrow it will be one week since little Austin Joseph was born. My days and nights are somewhat blurred since Austin hasn't quite switched his days and nights around but he becomes closer and closer each night. His 1st night at home, I had somewhat convinced myself after talking with experienced mom's that I should use the pack and play in our bedroom so I can quick grab him and bring him to bed to eat. It did not go so smoothly. I became easily frustrated as he was up all night long and seemed to really dislike not being all swaddled up like he was in the hospital, but I didn't quite figure that out until the 2nd night. Before bedtime the 2nd night, Jason and I watched The Happiest Baby on the Block (thanks to Miriam for the suggestion). That movie was worth a million dollars to me. I didn't realize how tight I needed to swaddle him and how he was waking himself up with his arms if he got them loose. The 3rd night I was doing the swaddling and placing him in his crib and he had longer two hour and a half stretches that left me elated when I awoke from them. Jason even woke up after me coming back to bed one time and asked how things were going, I told him about the 1 1/2 hr stretch Austin just had and Jason replied "that just made my night!" He knew how badly I wanted Austin to sleep so I could sleep. Each night gets better as Austin sleeps for 2 hour stretches which is reasonable since he has to get up to eat every 2 to 3 hours.

It's suprising how I can put a program on tv that I want to watch and end up catching none of it since I can't stop staring at him! I am trying to eat up every moment of all the funny faces he makes. One of my friends Diana mentioned something about baby noises at one of my showers, and boy was she right. Austin has all these little squeaks he makes since he was born, leaving me and Jason to always reply back with Hey Squeaker!

My parents came up yesterday as my dad still had yet to meet his grandson since he was deer hunting when he was born. My mom couldn't stop taking pictures and who can blame her. I think she took 134 photos and she still had a few hours before she was leaving! We spent some time looking back at hospital photos that my mom took which made us cry each time we looked at them. Example:

My mom couldn't help but set Austin down in the sunlight and grab some pics! I can only imagine how quickly a scrapbook will begin. Austin is so blessed to have such a talented Grandma!

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  1. Oh Abby, what a sweet little boy you have! Wish I could hold him--he's just a bundle of joy. I LOVE his hair. Congrats to you and your husband! Your parents must be having so much fun too. Wish I lived closer so I could visit you and see him in person and spoil him like my other grandsons. Keep the pictures coming!


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