Monday, November 22, 2010

Guest Bedroom

I wish that I had a picture of the guest bedroom before we did the first re-do. However, when we moved into this house, it was so bad that before we knew it, things were being refinished before we could take a second look at what was already there.

First thing first, Jason needed to replace the window that was older than old.  Again, no before picture unfortunately, but the plaster walls and slats say enough.
 We painted the room a yellow to go with this bright bedding that I had since college, which is exactly what led us to re-do this room once again, since we didn't really need our guests staying in a "college" room.  The painting on the right side of the room was one of my attempts to add something I made in each room. I just taped off squares with painters tape.

 We first found some bedding online that spiked our interest first. Then the change to a nice tone of brown for paint color. The curtains are from Lowe's. I bought two of them and just decided to clump them both to one side. We have not added carpet yet to this room or the hallway which is the only two spots left in this house where we were able to consider keeping the original hardwood floors. They aren't in too bad of shape in this room so why bother covering them up. I made the pillows that are the sheer grey tone, again, to add something of my own since my husband does all the hard labor!

 A room just isn't complete without a pug picture! We are obsessed with our pug Lily and enjoy all things pug! This frame with picture we found at Ikea.

 We haven't changed out any of the door locks or knobs but I guess that gives the house it's old character.


  1. Wow ... your transformations are really amazing. I just found you from the DIY Show Off. I hope I'm as successful with my projects ... I have many in the coming months.

    Congrats on the new baby ... he is really cute. The hair is adorable !!!

  2. I just found you at DIY and all I can say is just Wow!


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