Friday, April 13, 2018


I was a smidge hesitant to take our kids to Frederik Meijer Gardens for their butterfly exhibit this year. It seems like they rush through the greenhouse so they can hurry up and visit the gift shop. I mean, the gift shop is filled with more fun and interesting toys than any other store. And they know they'll get to pick something out. But , nevertheless, we ended up going.
I still brought my camera so I could play with my lens that is a 50mm f1.2. That low aperture is really fun to play with and I don't get to use it that low for my newborn sessions.

I love that you can see the glimpse of that gorgeous blue color of the Morpho.

It was a sunny day which my Dad loves, knowing that the butterflies will be nice and active.

and of course the biggest mission is try to have a butterfly land on you.  or if you can slip your finger right in front of its legs so it will just perch on you like a parakeet.

 I was by the right flowering bush to snap some while they were eating.

this is the only picture I got of me and the regardless that I am just a head, i'll post it anyway :)

Keeping the tradition alive, it was overall a great visit. We walked away with a small plush gorilla and a small poodle in a purse. The kids gave me what funds they had saved to contribute, still not quite grasping the value of a dollar but that will come. hoping to come back in the summer for the splash pad per usual!!

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