Friday, December 29, 2017

Let it snow & snow & snow !!

 Michigan is NOT holding out on the snow this year. I don't want to admit it but I'd much rather have the snow than just have the cold weather. The kids absolutely love it !! As if Ava's face doesn't verify that statement....
 Austin could stay outside for hours. He must not feel the cold temps because we often have to convince him its time to come in.
Lola loves it too. Poor thing is wearing last year's sweater. Not that she minds, but she is a grown up puppy now. Every morning when I let her outside she immediately starts eating snow. She can't get enough and loves to get it all over her face. such a silly puppy!
It's rare I get in front of the camera in comparison to how much I am behind the camera. But this 'out of focus' pic the hubby took has to be one of my faves.
 I have to say I am head over heels in love with these leather earrings by Lovable Lobes. A local company and the creator/owner is a gorgeous friend that deserves all the recognition for a fab company with an amazing product.

Keeping my hair looking good through the dry winter goes to Maple Holistics and their products that are all natural and made in the USA.
Getting me compliments on a daily basis is this awesome fur jacket from none other than Lee & Birch

I am hoping to make it through winter with our Winter Bucket List. The kids got snowboards for Christmas so we are planning to hit up the slopes as soon as we pick up some helmets for the kids. The lake is finally frozen so we can't wait to get out and do some ice skating. Many more things are on the list....hoping we can make it through them all while keeping our sanity through the long winter.

Cheers to a winter without cabin fever! (fingers crossed)

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