Friday, September 22, 2017

Trip to the cabin: Iphonetography

Our trip to the cabin this year was another short one! We would love to head up there and spend more than one night but it just wasn't in the cards with the busy summer schedule. But our quick trip didn't disappoint...and neither did the views!
The kids were even more obsessed with the hammock this year. Ava especially loved when Grandma would talk about a storm coming and make her swing really fast and wild.... to the point where she would sometimes fall off. 
Ava's signature move is the peace sign.
The moss was a beautiful vibrant green color
I don't know where she gets it......
Austin helped to break up sticks for the fire.
There were LOTS of horses this year. More than I have seen before. Which gave us lots of options on who to feed our large bag of carrots to.
Austin has an obsession with cats. He was able to get his fill in for the year! They followed him around as he was apparently the cat whisperer.

Between the hustle and the bustle, I didn't bring my camera. Thankfully an iPhone will do some moments justice when needed.

Austin will eat just as much bread as he throws to the fish. He loves a good fluffy white slice.

It's a good day when those dimples show up.

She's a poser that's for sure.

I could stare at the tree filled sky for hours.

my mom got out some older photo albums. Lily was in just about every trip to the cabin. she loved it. she got to go on tons of walks and canoe rides. And she went plenty of times with or without me. I can't wait to take Lola up there !
No trip to the cabin is complete without feeding the large snapping turtles some hot dogs!

and catching frogs......

and the easiest little fish to catch

sun flares always catch me mid breath. as you can tell.


the stickier the better

the weekend starts out with 'Austin don't pet the cats" and then by the time we are headed out, it's like 'well just wash your hands'.

enough turtles to go around. we sure worked hard in the canoe to find them and then sneak up on 'em!

down the 'crick' we go ........

enough beauty to soak in

it's amazing how much we pack in, in such a short amount of time.

goodbye home away from home. until next time.

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