Saturday, October 31, 2015

Better Every Year

Another year making it to Post Family Farms with cousins. A beautiful fall day didn't disappoint as clear by everyone wearing shorts.
And of course pony rides were a huge hit with every kiddo.

Ah the tractor pulling the barrels. I think some of the kids would stay in their barrel and just ride that tractor the entire day, if allowed.

And those slides! Come on now. If you don't go down them at least 346 times, then it wasn't a succesful day.
Right Kate?
Oh Ava. My little farmer girl. Maybe instead of ballet this girl needs to get signed up for 4-H.
Jackie, that pose is to die for. I can't pose like that. And I've tried.
We took the hay ride out to the pumpking patch.
I can't even count how many of this exact picture we have of these twins over the years. countless really.

if the kids are getting their faces painted, you can count on grandpa to join in on the fun. Nice pumpkin Papa!

Ava stuffed as many gourds and tiny pumpkins into the 5$ bag. She could barely carry it.
A fun day was had by all. Hard to believe that some day the kids will find this to be a lame activity. I gotta soak up all this fun stuff now. Our Fall bucket list is getting checked off as we have gone to Robinettes, Great Wolf Lodge, Post Family Farms and now Trick or Treating even though the weather every year is crummier just like the last. Good thing I took pictures of the kids in their costumes in early October. Best.decision.every.year.  Gotta get caught up and post that blog next!

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