Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

I had been meaning to take the kiddos pics BEFORE Memorial Day so that I could have my magnet board on home central all ready. My mom bought me new and oh-so-adorable magnets from Carol Roeda for the holiday and I can't wait to use them. Life got busy and weather wasn't great, so the pics got done the morning of. And surprisingly I got a few pics even though my kids are the worst when it comes to getting their picture taken. They should be used to it by now....but having a stranger tell them to smile is nothing like having their mom do it. I usually get their tongue sticking out or a weird face...but those pics can be cute too. So I just try to bribe them as best I can! :)
 Bribery came in the form of pinwheels this time

 It was an extra windy day with the weather forecast saying rain. The wind worked in my favor :)

 Favorite one!! It's one that requires being printed in a 5 x 7 for my board. I have to print two because otherwise my Mom would steal it. Would you blame her !?
 Ok, on to the family fun! The kids didn't care the weather was constantly a hit and a miss all at the same time. It was warm enough for them. We had clouds and sunshine and rain but the day turned out better than expected.

 I would rather bundle up and be down on the beach watching those kiddos play than anything else. It's hard not to watch them. Now we have four little ones ages 4 and under and they all stuck around the water/beach ALL day.

 How can I forget about lily? She needs her picture taken too! She hasn't had any problems since Christmas when we were a hair away from putting her down. She was so sick. Somehow, she is our miracle pug. She is doing just fine. Other than an occasional limp that Jason and I blame on her trying to get extra dinner portions. She was sooooo tired after being down on the beach kicking up water to drink and chasing around the kids who were bound to drop snacks at some point.
 We always assign Kate to bring the same things. Guaca-schmole (it's the only way to say it right!?) and ice cream treats. Didn't take the kids long to eat dinner knowing ice cream was following. Just a tad windy as mentioned....

 Grace eats her ice cream the right way. Bottom up! :)  that's of course where the best part is....a nice chunk of chocolate!
 And of course the day was full of fishing. Austin learned how to cast on his own and just as much as we were clapping for a great cast, we were shouting to keep the hook away from others.

 I tried to sneak in a few pics myself. I don't want to be 'missing' from holidays just because I enjoy taking the pictures.
 And the only way to get Ava to remotely smile normal and not like a chipmunk or squinting her eyes.....I have to tickle her.
 And at the last minute before Grandpa Ed was going home, we had to grab a Stouten Family Photo. We are so thankful he can come and spend the day watching the kids play as well. Thankful he also served our country in WWII.
At any given moment, I think many family members could cry during the day if someone mentioned the right thing. We have so much to be thankful for. I don't tell Jason enough how thankful and proud I am that he serves our country. I guess my emotions reside within his deployments and how terrifying it is that he could someday be taken away again. We also remember my Grandpa Don and his service in the Korean War. We also remember Grandma Jackie on holidays and all the things she would have brought to our family party. Things like koosh balls, wiffle balls, Frisbees, flag wrapped tootsie rolls, new toys or new candy that sparked her eye in the grocery store and much more. We are also missing my brother Jarred who is on the right path to a healthy and happy life.

All of the above brings me to tears. But its because I am so grateful. God is good. I am blessed. Amen.

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