Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Another trip to the Butterflies

I love that the butterflies happen so early in the year. It happens right when we are struck with cabin fever so bad that the ridiculously humid air and all the bright flowers are just what we need.
Austin's main obsession was touching and holding each and every butterfly that flew past him. With the butterfly expert as a Grandpa, he got his wish at least 5 times.

He might just be kinda happy here.

Ava still wants nothing to do with touching butterflies. Something about them makes her kinda skiddish when they come close.
Truly best friends.

It only takes like 15 minutes for us to zoom through the exhibit and then the kids are begging to go to the cafeteria. I would too if I knew that it contained every yummy snack available. Not only that, but then to know that the gift shop awaits them.....it's like heaven. It's possible that next year we will only be in the exhibit 5 minutes. They just aren't as interested as I would think they would be. That's ok. I love making the stop yearly anyway. The kids are looking forward to going back in the summer for the splash pad/boats. I'm just looking forward to anything remotely close to summer. Warm up Michigan!! PLEASE!!

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