Friday, July 11, 2014

Bucket List 2014: Frederik Meijer Gardens

Frederik Meijer Gardens was on our Summer Bucket List 2013 but we never quite made it. So it was one of those first things we wanted to cross off this year. We went on a perfect day. Nice and hot and sunny! Austin of course loved the boats. We spent a good hour hanging with the boats.
Ava finds anything interesting that Austin does. She just happens to be not as picky about which boats she plays with.

Once it started getting close to lunchtime, we took the kids to the cafe and they were already getting a little restless so we took them outside by the fountain.
And I worked hard to keep Ava out of the fountain while capturing her curiosity

Looking forward to whatever else we hit on our bucket list this year. It won't be easy to hit them all but it definitely keeps us from sitting around when it comes to the weekends.

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