Sunday, April 27, 2014

Belize: Part Three

Monday morning we headed out for another walk, this time we recruited Bethany, and Nicole and I headed out.
 We came to a beautiful pasture....
 full of adorable cows!
 I can't help it.....You lookin' at me??
Cows weren't the only animal we saw this day.......tarantula sighting!
This day we headed out to the Mayan Ruins.
Hot hot hot day and we hiked maybe a mile up a hill to get to the site.
 Loved the scenery everywhere we went
 More animals! Some Monkeys hanging out in the trees before we took our tour
 Doing some clean up and excavating
 Not many pictures of Jason and I together on this trip, so I'm incredibly thankful for this one...even if I was sweating like crazy!
 See that guy at the very top of the temple in the bright blue shirt....that's where we were able to climb up to next!
 On our way up.....
 Close your eyes Mom and plug your ears! We were at the very top of the temple and were able to step right to the edge. whew, too scary!
 The view was breathtaking
I have tons of photos of the Mayan Ruins but what do you do with them all? It was a cool place but I can't post all 50 photos on here, that might get redundant. Plus, I can't remember everything the tourist guides said. Moving along, after we hiked back to town, we ate in Santa Elena and had a huge piece of amazing chicken and even got ice cream for dessert. Although it melted within two seconds. HOT DAY!  The rest of the group headed out to swim at the river while Jason and I headed back into town for some shopping and to stop at the pharmacy to buy more medications for the clinics. We passed through the market again. Look at all that beautiful food!!
 Shopping in town
 Heading back to camp, you always see kids of all ages in school uniform
 We prepared bags of food to distribute to families in need. Bags of rice, flour, beans, ramen noodles and more!
 Everyone worked in teams to put together the bags of food so that some people could distribute the food the next day while some of us worked the medical clinic. Don't scroll down yet, did you read the saying on the wall?
After this, we worshiped, prayed, and talked as a group. We organized our medical equipment and supplies to gear up for another medical clinic. Oh how did I forget about dinner? We had Chicken,  pineapple that was incredibly fresh, and biscuits. That night before bed some of us watched the most amazing heat lightening dance across the sky. We were probably outside for at least an hour cranking our necks high above us to watch the storm. Off to bed we went to get ready for another day.

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