Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ava: 2 years old

Not sure where to begin sometimes on these yearly posts. All the things that I wouldn't think of mentioning because it seems so everyday for me, are the things that I absolutely SHOULD be mentioning.

I feel like Ava already is two years old. Not sure if it's because she is a girl....or maybe because she's the second child....or maybe because I was crazy when Austin was two since I just had Ava and didn't exactly remember what life was like at those moments.

She's talking so much these days. So fun to hear her put together sentences.

I love how caring she is of others. When I put Ava to bed at night, we sing many songs as I rub her back. One of them is the infamous Rock-a-bye-baby. She loves to insert other peoples names, Rock a bye Austin, or Rock a bye Daddy. Since she just had her birthday party today, she wants to insert Jackie, Grace AND Austin's name into that tiny slot!

She could wrap, unwrap, and rewrap a baby doll all day long. Over and over and over again.

She still insists that I carry her around just as much as before she could walk.

She still sits in a high chair for meals because she's the messiest two year old on the planet.

She has never once tried to crawl out of her crib so I have no intention of moving her into a big girl bed for at least a few more months.

She LOVES Angelina Ballerina. Makes my wheels start turning in regards to her Third Birthday can I think that far ahead sometimes?

She has a different bed time routine with each person. For my mom, she makes her play hide and seek around her crib corners. For Jason, she makes him cover her up with blankets while she pretends to sleep on the floor. For me, we read books and wind up her snow globe and sing songs. Lately, she wants to do it ALL with everyone and stall her bedtime. Such a sneaky little lady.

She just started going potty more at school on her own since she realized that it gains her a marshmallow each time.

When she is really really really mad at me, she pulls a chunk of my hair out.

She eats most everything. It makes mealtime even more difficult as we watch Ava eat like a champ, and Austin eat one curd of cottage cheese and that's it.

She wants to "nuggle" (snuggle) all the time. Makes it very difficult in the morning to get off the couch when she is wrapped in a blanket with her head on your lap.

I have caught her playing with pretend medical stuff at school many times lately. I secretly LOVE that!

She is much more dramatic than Austin. We are encouraging her to use her words both at school and at home since she is easy to cry. I can imagine I will say the same thing about her in ten years. Girls will be girls.

If I forget to close the top on her toothpaste, she sucks as much as she can out and swallows it before I can yank it from her hands.

If you ask Ava to grab a snack before bed, she 100% of the time grabs a package of fruit snacks.

She is her brother's shadow. Whether he likes it or not, she repeats everything he says and she does everything he does.

That's our peanut in a nutshell at the age of two.

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