Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Build: Laundry/Craft Room

Really!? A Build post? Yeah, I know, don't remind me that I haven't posted anything about the house in ages. I faintly recall posting something about the landscaping nightmare the last time I wrote about the house.

We are pretty much landscaped except that our erosion problem has had Jason working on cutting back the sod, putting down drainage pipes, and covering it with gravel. Yay! Fun! (insert sarcasm)

Enough about that. Moving on to the very patiently awaited laundry slash craft room. Well, at least I think I have been patient. We'll have to ask J about that. Or not.

Welp, we ordered some countertops. Same ones that we had in our last house since we loved them so much. Durable enough for me and my crazy crafts. They should be here by next week.

Jason just started putting up the cabinets. He's been spending most of the time trying to figure out the layout and the organization of it all. Lets just say there is lots of pinteresting going on in this house.

We are still contemplating about the color of the cabinets. I am thinking we are going to stick with a grey. The floors are slightly distressed wood, with a smidge of grey in them. The countertops also have some specs of grey as well.

Haven't solidified the backsplash yet but possibly going with a beautiful and simple beadboard or maybe a beautiful design of tile.....we'll see!

Ok enough chatter, on to some pics. Here is a 360 degree tour of what it looks like so far.

Walking in the door and looking to the left. Hoping to have a section next to the washer/dryer that I can hang clothes.
 Straight ahead as you walk in. We are testing these stools that we also have at our island on the main floor. Need a bar stool? Look no further than, they have millions. Or just lots of choices.
 Turning to your right again....
 And a little more...dizzy yet? Is.....drumroll please....a blank wall! Not just any blank wall....a beautiful wrapping station. Picture hanging wall paper and ribbon galore!
 And behind the door is the lovely wash station. A large cabinet will hang above the sink as well. I clearly was the dizzy one because my picture is crooked but oh well, you get the idea.
Things are already changing as the countertop has gone in since I started this post. Jason is working hard on making this THE craft room I have been waiting for. It's like my very own Man Cave. I'll try to update this before it's finished but at the rate I am  blogging these days, I can't promise anything (says the writer to her incredibly large audience.....thanks few of you who are humoring me).


  1. I love your house! Where did you find the house plan?

  2. Thanks Stephanie! We actually did the house plans ourselves and worked with an architect that was recommended in the area. If you need any specifics just let me know


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