Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter Twenty Thirteen

 Hoppy Easter from my little chunky bunny!!
Wish I could have somehow included Austin into that fun little photo shoot but when one is awake, one is napping, and when one is happy, the other is in surprise to those who have more than one kiddo.

My mom was going to hide her Easter baskets for the kiddos this year but Austin beat her to the punch. He ended up walking into her dining room that is normally walled off with baby gates and before we knew it....he was picking up his Easter basket asking "Is this truck mine!?" Grandma put all his easter goodies into a big truck made to play with on the beach.  He didn't stop asking about it until we let him open it up. You can imagine after 15 minutes it was getting old that he wouldn't leave it alone so we all caved.

I was reminded of how last year Ava was only 1 month old at Easter time but I had managed to deck her out in every girly and pink thing possible....headband, jewelry, pink frilly dress......and then got one picture of her which was on my phone.

So I attempted to get a few pics of her as well as WITH Austin since we are getting closer and closer to being able to get them together....but I still didn't score real well with that. I also didn't manage to get a family photo......I somehow forget about that every holiday.

It was nice enough to be able to go to a family function and not have to tend to a baby. Both kids were happy to be playing with their cousins and even when they were crying about something, I could just relax and have normal conversations with adults. so refreshing! Nice to let go of some of that worry. Maybe next year, they can actually wear their short sleeves and dresses without warm can only dream!

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