Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Build: Built-in Cushions

The built-in seating in the dining room is beautiful but not as comfortable without some added cushions. It was a long search just to find the right fabric and person to make them. We were first quoted 52$/yd  for this fabric called Denison Coronet, at an interior design studio....but who wouldn't search online for something better? So we found it here, for 37$/yd. Then we searched for a place to put them together for us, unfortunately the company wanted twice what we were willing to pay. Thankfully my parents neighbor, Beverly Kuiper, from Innovative Interiors, does beautiful work from inside her home, and I couldn't be happier!
 Enjoying the view of the lake on a sunny day is even better now...
 Plenty of room so that now when we host a large dinner we can push the table into the corner to utilize bench seating

Looking forward to our next get together so I don't have to worry about where people will sit!

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