Monday, June 4, 2012

The Build: Decisions

Building a house comes with more decisions than humanly possible. I am so thankful to have a husband that lays out decision visually for me so that I can truly see what he is talking about. I tend to make runs on the weekend to the site so that Jason can move forward with things after we talk about them. This weekend's decisions revolves mainly around trim.......lots and lots of trim.....

I'd rather not know that Jason was on top of the house like this.......
Here is some of the trim detail for our windows that Jason put together
We are choosing to have beams in our living room. If Jason could really have it his way, he would go with the larger beam, but we are going with the smaller of the two. We also are looking at what crown molding will work best with the room. We are going with the 2nd photo below with larger around the top and the smaller around the bottom
Hard to orientate yourself on this one, let alone see the difference in the wood, but this is projecting up at the dining room ceiling that is vaulted. There are three types and widths of wood, and I love the northern most piece that is the smallest width of all three. We are thinking of painting or staining in a color, rather than the usual wood stain or white paint
Here is the ceiling to the entrance of our house. So many choices on this one but I love the far right vinyl that reminds me of beadboard.

That's as many decisions in one day that I can handle.......but it was many key items to help Jason move along in the process. Can't wait to see them implemented although with his annual training coming up for the army...things might have to be put on hold for a few weeks.

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