Saturday, July 16, 2011

8 months

Not sure how, but each month is more fun than the last!

This little boy (or should I say big since he has past the 20lb mark!?) still hasn't sprouted any pearly whites yet. He had one at one point in time, but it decided to crawl back down into the gums. So needless to say, we again are thankful for Sophie for helping us get through the tough time of teething.

He sure does know how to roll around and inch to where he wants to go, but he is very content doing just that. He doesn't get up on his knees or get frustrated that he isn't crawling around, and I am in no rush for him to be going every which way just yet.....especially since I haven't 'baby-proofed' the house yet.

We started swim classes last week, or I guess I should say, water adjustment classes, and there isn't anything that Austin has enjoyed more. Our first class, from the moment he got into the water, until the time class was over, he was splashing.  It made it difficult to play the games the instructor had in mind, or participate in some of the songs, because all he wanted to do was Splash! He was sneezing and coughing so much at the end of the class because he was just completely water-logged. I am glad he had fun, but it sure did tire him out. It wasn't within two seconds after getting strapped in his car seat, that he was out cold.

I couldn't help but throw in this photo since it's so hard to get a good picture of Austin cause he spends the whole class splashing himself, Jason or I, and every kid around him!

One of my favorite things he is doing right now, is the way he discovers toys or items he picks up. He gets this open mouthed concentrating look on his face, grabs the item, and then opens and closes the other hand as if to feel out the item.

He also makes me laugh everytime he makes the 'elephant sound' as Jason and I call it. If there's a day that he isn't doing something like blabbering, all you have to do is mention it, and the next day he proves everyone wrong and jabbers all day long!

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  1. Super cute! I want to hear the elephant sound :) Maybe I will in September!


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