Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bedtime Laughter

We have officially watched Finding Nemo 127 times. Every night after dinner, every morning before we leave for school, every time we walk in the door....Austin asks, "I watch Nemo?!?" Plopping Austin in front of Nemo was a great way to get a few things done while we were unpacking or maybe just for Jason and I to actually eat our dinner. Even though it is one of the better Pixar movies out there, it still gets old. While Jason is trying to put together something in relation to a meal, I grab Austin and ask for his help in putting Ava to bed. This is now my favorite part of the day.

Austin asks me to put Ava down on the floor and then he gets in her face and says "Crawl Ava". Meanwhile he chases after her around the room while she is belly laughing so hard she falls on her face. Both children were laughing so hard one time that Jason came up thinking they were bawling their eyes out! It has completely changed Ava's bedtime routine into loud and laughter rather than quiet and soft music but she LOVES it. I mean LOVES it! There is no one that can make Ava smile or laugh like Austin can. If he even makes one move towards her, she is smiling and giggling.

At not even 1 year old, Ava thinks the world of her brother. I doubt I will be able to remind her of this when he is stealing her toys, pulling the heads off her dolls, or not allowing her to play with him and his friends. But that's ok, because for now, we will just keeping laughing until our cheeks hurt.
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