Thursday, May 25, 2017

Karly & Luke Get Married

It's funny that a little over 10 years ago, Karly and her siblings were in my wedding. And now, my kids and other cousins are in her wedding. There was much anticipation since there hasn't been a wedding in our family in a long time.
 We just so happened to find these dresses off Amazon. What can't you buy on amazon!? And the girls fell in love with how much twirl you could get out of them.
 And the boys looked beyond dapper in their suspenders and bow ties. I fought Austin tooth and nail to get into this outfit. But once it was on, he didn't complain about it any more. Thank goodness.

 She posed herself. I think she loves him.
 We let them have one silly picture to get it out of their systems.

 I tried not to burn them out from getting too many pictures taken before the photographer took over but they really didn't mind doing some posing in their nice new digs.

 This is the only picture I got with them. Jason was up at Grayling for national guard. But i'll take it!!
 Ava kept laying like this on the bench until I came over and snapped her photo.
 I think she enjoyed every minute of skipping out on school and playing dress up.
 Kate & the flower girls
 The gorgeous bride
 Love this one so very much <3
 Karly & her flower girls

 The wedding party
 Grace did not like when I suggested that it looked like Karly and Luke were posing with all of 'their' children. She said ewww gross. She was hilarious during all the photos, after we strapped her down to tie her dress. She did NOT want that dress tied. I don't blame her. Kids have their battles and we let her leave it untied as much as possible. It was the same with Austin and his stiff jeans and boots. He changed into sports clothes for the reception.

 We were waiting for the bridal party to get some more photos done so I climbed on top of a banister since Ava was in 'twirl mode'.

 cake by Sweet Tree's Cottage Bakery
 cake pops by Sweet Trees Cottage Bakery

 Looking good Dad & Jarred. you guys clean up nice!!

 I kept telling the girls not to spare their petals. the buckets were overflowing with yellow petals. Grace was so proud of herself for plopping handfuls in every corner while she walked. She got back to her seat and shouted ' ALL GONE!!" ... I.Love.Her.!!
 Luke, here comes your bride!

 I was a sobbing mess. Always am. Can't help it.

 Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Luke Aukeman !!!

Friday, April 28, 2017

AJP studio

So nice to have a before picture as this space has changed so much already. To the left is the shelving that now has large barn doors covering that Jason made.

Staring ahead and to the right will be the spot for the newborn beanbag set up

Here is where the dark wood and white wood set ups will be for backdrops that will be more permanently placed. Jason just needs to figure out the stains to be used.

Here are the cabinets just the left after walking in. We found a countertop to be placed here already. The TV is functioning and a little mini fridge for drinks.

Here are those beautiful large barn wood doors covering up all my storage for props.  Be still my heart, these are the most beautiful doors!!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Kites & Eggs, Eggs & Kites

We anticipated an even better Easter this year with a visit from Candy and Kirk. They were able to join us late Saturday afternoon for the neighborhood easter egg hunt. We had such beautiful weather that day! We enjoyed a nice dinner together that night at home and then woke up to attend church together. After church we headed to my parents house for brunch.

After brunch we headed back to our house for a little down time before the Easter egg hunt at my cousin Tara's. The guys decided they were going to head out and do some fishing. Austin grabbed a pole and Jason asked Austin if he wanted a worm on his hook. Austin quickly replied no and threw out his line. Austin told Grandpa and Daddy that he had something on. He started reeling in and sure enough Jason thought he was caught on seaweed. Into shore Austin reeled in this whopper as his line broke and Jason was able to grab the fish for Austin. I mean, come on, no worm? way to go buddy!

We joked about how Austin 'outfished' Grandpa Kirk.

The weather cleared up a little more and warmed up enough to have our easter egg hunt outside. The kids as usual were very excited about their kites from Kate and ran around with them  with the little wind we had. It was a beautiful and wonderful Easter! So thankful that our families can easily blend and enjoy each other's company.

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