Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ava: 10 months

Ava has finally sprouted some pearly whites! Two little front teeth have popped their way through and Ava couldn't be happier. Usually kids are pretty crabby when it comes to teething, but not this girl. She is very excited about the teeth that can finally chomp down on some new foods!

The poor girl has it rough right now with this terrible upper respiratory virus that is going around so she hasnt been up to going outside, but I can't wait to get some cute pics of her all bundled up in the snow.

She has adjusted well to the move but I can't wait to spruce up her bedroom. Lots of cute things to hang on those empty walls but maybe I can get that done before everyone comes over for her 1st birthday party (hint....this past year really flew by!)

She is pulling herself to stand but isn't cruising around the furniture or standing alone just yet. I am in no rush for my little crawler to grow up and start walking around. PLUS, I am just getting used to putting things away, yet alone baby proofing this place since that is way different than toddler proofing!

Ava loves all foods that's for sure. There isn't much that she won't eat, but when she doesn't like something, she lets you know. I don't know how they learn so quickly to spit things out but she sure gets some distance! Just like Austin, she loves greek yogurt. She is transitioning to people foods much faster as she sees what we are eating and pushes away all baby food.

She isn't drinking near as much formula/bottles as Austin used to. She seems more likely to transition away from a bottle than Austin did which will be nice.

She is outgrowing her carseat at a fast pace. She just went in for a check up not too long ago and was 19+ pounds. I am looking forward to transitioning her to a booster seat.

Sometimes she takes two naps during the day but other times it's just one long nap. With the 2nd child, I am not so worried about everything and Ava just seems more easy going regarding her nap taking. If she takes one nap, then she naps for 4 hours and it makes me miss her so badly!

Everyone says she is a mini-version of me when I was a baby with the exception of the blue eyes. Especially when I put her in overalls like my mom did to me. I think the other exception being that I was a tid bit chunkier, hard to believe, but true!

That's my little Aba (as Austin calls her now). Growing up too fast as always. Can't wait for her 1 year birthday party which is coming up quickly. She has a little cousin Grace on the way that will be born closer to her birthday. I look forward to that as it'd be nice for them to grow up together since Ava won't have any sisters of her own. I was always fortunate to have cousins to play with and am glad we are close to family again so she can have the same.
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