Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Ahhh feels good to be back on the blog. I have been absent from blogging over the last few weeks for some very good reasons. Those reasons should best be bulleted in hopes that I spare the scarce reader of this blog the lengthy details.
  • We moved in to our house....FINALLY! Even though it seemed like a Christmas miracle to move in right before the came without many things that might make life a tad more convenient. We moved in without handles and knobs on all the cabinets. You can only pull on painters tape to open a drawer or cabinet for so long. We moved in without washer and dryer hooked up.....back to the college days of bringing my parents all my laundry, only times it by 4 for all those itty bitty kiddo clothes. The shower that works just happens to be the Jack and Jill shower in between the kids rooms. I just learned the other morning that I can't wake up super early and shower without them noticing.
  • The nasty stomach flu and upper respiratory virus has plowed through our house. Unfortunately Austin seemed to have contracted both and last week was one of the worst weeks he has had in a looooong time. I now understand why, and that's just speaking on the respiratory virus. I'd trade for the stomach flu any day.
  • The holidays and unpacking have kept me busier than busy. Every night there are boxes and bins full of items that need a place. We have lots of storage in this new house which is great....but what do you do? Do you put items in a spot just to get it out of the way? Do you put it away in the right spot and organize it now even though it takes twice as long?
Regardless, we are in, we have moved, we are sicker than dogs, and I feel so disconnected from reality because I haven't been on the computer or watched TV in weeks. Unless you count the 18 times we watched Finding Nemo while Austin was sick. Looking forward to getting this house somewhat put together so we can finally start entertaining........
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