Sunday, January 6, 2013

And to All a Good Night

Christmas felt like a whirlwind this year. We were barely even thinking about Christmas as we were so focused on moving.

Growing up, Christmas with my family was usually about begging my parents to let us open just one present nights before Christmas. We usually convinced them to let us open one present two nights before Christmas. Then, on Christmas Eve we usually opened them all one by one, as Christmas day was a big family get together. We were still very excited to open our stockings Christmas morning since they were usually spilling with tons of cool gifts, who knows where my Mom found them!

With the little ones, Christmas hasn't found any traditions just yet. Ava doesn't care much about ripping open the presents.

She did however love the tissue paper.

Austin on the other hand was really excited for Christmas presents since every time he saw Santa he couldn't stop saying 'Fire Truck!'. I made sure to tell my Mom that once Austin opened his fire truck, Christmas would be all over. She couldn't help her excitement and didn't even mean to,  but she gave him his fire truck first!

Although his excitement was priceless, he continued on with the rest of the presents and every once and a while, ran back to his fire truck.

What good is a fire truck without all the fun accessories?

A race track too? So spoiled!
Then, from our family Christmas, Kate had Austin's name and got him the biggest teddy bear she could find.
Austin has named him 'Polar Bear' and has made us put it in his crib to sleep with. This bear takes up at least half his crib but he will not let us take it out!

We are very blessed this Christmas season. Beyond blessed. And even though all the presents were fun, and things were mostly focused on moving....we are thankful for so much. I can't imagine my family was that thrilled with moving us the weekend before Christmas, but they did it without thinking twice or complaining. Now if only I could unpack as fast as we moved in.

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