Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kitty Themed Third Birthday Party

Somewhere between 2 and 3 Ava really fell in love with all things Kitty. She was pretty set on a kitty themed birthday party and that never really changed. I really wanted to stay away from Hello Kitty so it was a little bit of a challenge at first but once I started gathering some ideas, black & white, pink and polka dots really set the colors and theme.

I set up a station for the kiddos and others to "get their whiskers on". When Ava woke up from her nap, I asked her if she wanted me to put whiskers on her face and she grinned ear to ear with a big YES!
Here are the favor bags we made for the kiddos. Filled with slinkies, kitty stickers, sunglasses, and all sorts of other goodies!
I loved having this polka dot wrapping paper not just for the presents but also as a runner down the table!
Ava was excited to wear all her kitty custom made items! Custom Kitty Dress from DressingBree on Etsy, triple layer ruffle pants from SoDarlingSewing also on Etsy,  and Custom headband and bubble bead necklace from Sprispals.....guess where from!? Yup Etsy!! If you aren't shopping on Etsy for your custom birthday party....you just might want to start.

She's growing up sooooo fast!!
The DIY flags are just printed on regular print paper, placed on cardstock, and then glued on to paper straws.
The white mini pails were purchased off Amazon for $12.89 per pack of 10 with free shipping. Then I just used sharpie to color on some kitty faces

Custom made kitty invitation made by Nealon Design
The poster was made by my fabulous Mom! I just showed her some of the silhouettes of kitties I was using throughout the party.
The cute kitty face is a paper lattern with a few DIY touches!!
Cookies are made by Judy over at Sweet Tree's Cottage Bakery
How does she do that!? I love that chevron background!
Those Kitty faces are too die for!!
Cupcakes also made by Sweet Tree's Cottage Bakery

Because I love all the pink touches......

These birthday banners are a piece of cake once you get a template. You can easily buy one off etsy but once you make your first one, you won't buy another. It's not that bad!

Kids weren't the only ones putting on whiskers!
Happy 3rd Birthday Ava Jayne! (Austin had freckles on because he had a doggie headband on)
I couldn't even get a picture of her face when she got her Frozen big girl bike! She was so excited and so were the other kids!

And that's a wrap on this Kitty Themed 3rd Birthday Party! I had soooo much fun with this one and I think Ava did too !!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ava: Three Years Old

Ava has been growing like a weed recently. It's as if she is trying to keep up with Austin. Being so close in age, this means that everywhere we go, I get asked' 'Are they twins?' Not kidding, this happens like once a day when I am out with both of them. Not only that.... but they act like twins. They are constantly doing the exact.same.thing.

However when it comes to getting in trouble and being in 'time out' they are two different birds. Austin probably sits in time out twice as much as Ava. He is much more easier to hit his sibling but time out is incredibly effective and he is done and apologizing within a few minutes. Miss Diva Ava on the other hand, when she goes in time out....expect the world to end. She screams and cries and throws a fit for what seems like forever. She never gets out before 5 minutes, sometimes not until 10 or 15! I will go over to talk to her and see if she is ready to apologize and she blatantly tells me NO! Talk about frustrating. By the third time, I go over there I am gritting my teeth thinking, CHILD!

On the other hand, Ava is incredibly sweet and loving the other 99% of the time. She gives 10 kisses before beds, multiple hugs, whispers in your ear how much she loves you, and gives many compliments regarding my jewelry, clothes, hair and more. Although, now that I say that, she did say to me as I was trying to leave her at school this morning 'I don't need any kisses'.....out pouts my fat lip! Really!? You mean you don't want to throw a fit and cry that I am leaving you!? It's been a long time since she has done that but makes you remember the days when they can't stand when you leave them.

Ava used to eat everything! She was willing to try all things. Now she's just as picky of an eater as her brother. Maybe even more so. It's a constant question from her at the dinner table, 'how many more bites Mom??'.

She is still loving all things girlie. She loves tutus, skirts, dresses, anything that she can twirl in. She still lets me pick out her clothes in the morning but when she gets to choose, it's all sorts of layers of leggings, skirts, headbands and all that jazz.

She is still obsessed with all things having to do with Elsa and Frozen. My guess is that will continue for the next few years especially as they come out with Frozen 2. I don't think that I can come up with any more 'frozen inspired' bedtime stories to fill in the next few years. There is only so much Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Prince Hans can do!!

She also still loves all things kitty. Hence her kitty themed birthday party. Surprisingly she doesn't want a real one though. I think it helped that I did these kitty pictures because not only did they stink cause they pooped constantly, but they were skiddish, wouldn't stay put in her arms, and then ended up giving her a good scratch on the arm, so that takes care of that!

Just like her mama, she loves the sweets! Cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, popsicles, candy, chocolate!! Name it, she likes it. It serves as a good bribing tool in all situations! She's also a big fan of 'shopping' of all sorts. She finds buying clothes and shoes just as much fun as buying toys. Which also pleases Grandma and I :)

Oh I just love that picture at her birthday party! My mom and I can't stop raving about how much fun we had. Such a cute theme. can't wait to blog the details. Love you Ava Jayne (still call her Aba).

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