Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The S Word

Grandma needed some new pictures on her wall to update since we haven't updated them since last fall. So we bribed the kids with gingerbread houses. All they had to do was put on matching pj's and smile for me :)

Their pj's say "I'll be gnome for the holidays"
With all of her clothing modeling, she strikes a pose every time with no direction :)
We just got tons of snow last weekend and the kids didn't hesitate about going out multiple times a day

The hills on either side of the house are perfect for the kids, not too big, not too small

Even though it's my least favorite season, it makes the kids thrilled for something new to do. I have to admit watching their joy brings me so much joy. They are old enough to go out on their own while mommy shivers inside drinking hot chocolate. But good thing I don't mind getting bundled up with them. I took them to the neighborhood park with a MUCH bigger hill. Both kids flew down the hill and dragged their sleds back up time and time again so I could push them back down. Thankful that if we are gonna have snow, that its enough to have fun with!

Deck update:

I have been horrible at updating the house portion of our blog. I mean if a full time job, a full time photography hobby/career, two little monsters and now a puppy.....?? Who says I am busy?

Building the frame for the fireplace on the deck

But Jason of course is just as busy and has time to create these masterpieces.
The fireplace takes shape
And meanwhile Jason had taken out the window below that now goes into the addition on the other side of the house into what we call the coffee shop.
Took one day to cover in stone
Loved the special stone Jason picked out as a centerpiece stone. he also has a special stone for the fireplace inside and it creates a nice focal spot in the center.
After the fireplace was finished, Jason started on the railing and trim detail
It goes along with the "x" trim detail on the exterior where the addition/coffee shop was added on

Now with snow/winter here, don't know if I can get some good exterior pictures but will try. Just glad I even got these pictures posted. We love the deck. It's not screened in but has had many uses with the fireplace now. Can't wait to see the finished product with furniture etc once Spring rolls back around.
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