Friday, January 27, 2012

Jungle Baby Shower

It's a Jungle themed Baby Shower

It's not always easy to dress up a conference room at work for a party, but it's the small details that help make it cute! Brown packaging paper makes for an easy table cloth.........Oh and the jar of M&Ms on the table is to guess how many BLUE M&Ms for a quick and easy game when you don't have much time to play games at an hour shower.

But to dress up this jungle baby shower even more, we made some lizards to crawl along the table....(love that they are 3D and not flat on the table)

A basket full of the utensils is dressed up with ribbon and a lion out front to add to the theme
Utensils were wrapped in napkins with jungle animal napkin rings (thankfully Cricut comes in extreme handy for making the cute little jungle animals)

Banners are a must!
The cake was made by Simply Scrumptious Cakes and received lots of great compliments!
Oh and I can't forget that when Kohl's cares has their books and stuffed animals at the checkout counter, my mom and I can't help but buy them everytime they change them out. They just so happened to have some jungle animals around Christmas time, perfect gift to give at the same time you are donating to charity!

The favors were little bags of candy with jungle animals stapled to the front (made again with Cricut)
Presents to match!
Adorable hamper with gifts inside!

 That concludes this jungle baby shower on a budget!
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