Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Build: Trusses

What a view as I drive around the corner and see the trusses high in the sky.......although I was in awe, I couldn't help but say out loud to myself, "I hope Jason isn't on top of there!". He certainly was, but I told him not to even tell me about it!
Of course I was excited to get all the different views, so here's the view from down by the lake looking at the back of the house. Lots of windows to capture the view of the lake.
I loved walking around inside as Jason pointed out which rooms were which on the 2nd floor, and showed me where all the windows would be placed. Here are the guys hard at work!
I can't wait to head back to the site as I heard OSB is being placed for the roof! I am sure these guys are ready to close up the house so they don't have to work with that crazy wind we have been having. Everyone thinks Jason is tanning.....nope, just wind burn!
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