Monday, January 2, 2012

All Bundled Up

We knew it was bound to happen, but we finally have snow on the ground today. With it being the day after New Years, both my parents were home and Austin's daycare was closed. We somehow packed in crafting, making homemade baked potato soup, no bake cookies, and everyone's favorite.....taking Austin outside for his first sledding adventure. My dad pulled out Jarred's old sled from the basement and as soon as Austin woke up from his nap, he was fixated on it. He immediately had to be placed in it, which also meant he was NOT getting out of it for any reason. This led to us having to feed him lunch in the sled! We then got Austin all bundled up and even though he hated that part, he was soon smiling ear to ear!

I love that cute little hat!

We took a trip around the house and even down the "big" hill in the backyard.

Austin's favorite was Grandma and Grandpa taking turns pulling Austin in big circles in the front yard.

Even though it was in the 20s with wind, Austin didn't care. His nose was running, his cheeks were red, and his smile couldn't get any bigger!
All bundled up!
Next time I am sure Jason won't miss out, but today they got tons of work done on the build! Sounds like the subfloor for the first floor is done.... which means I need to head back out to the site and take some pics!!
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