Friday, July 11, 2014

The Build: Update to Laundry/Craft Room

I don't really want to post this because this craft room / laundry room looks ten times better without my crazy lighting. Its got these nice big windows for daylight but for whatever reason I needed the lights on and it's not the largest of despite the pics hopefully you get the jist. Lots of great spaces and cupboards and storage galore!
The cabinets are a beautiful grey, not green or blue like any of these pics portray. And the wood flooring is a distressed grey
wrapping paper station!? AWESOME!I still have a lot of organizing to do in here as you can tell by those bottom shelves already looking crazy!

this is where I park myself a few nights a week to edit photos. It's a nice big monitor and I have daylight and regular light so I don't have to worry about glare.
The sink is also in but has yet to be used. It sits right behind the door....well not anymore cause Jason took off the door but it makes the space so much more open without a door. Although the laundry can be noisy at times, never enough that makes me want a door back on.
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