Friday, July 11, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

Memorial Day couldn't have been a more beautiful day. I couldn't wait to get down to the beach and sit my butt down and just let the day play out. It was nice though to get out my camera to take some pics of my kiddos for a change. It seems like I am taking all these great photos of other people's children, but when it comes to my, they just don't listen. It works out so well when I am a stranger to other children cause you're able to grab their attention and tell them what to do. My own kids.....just not happenin'. SO at least I can grab some fun and random candid shots, which are some of the most fun anyway.
I love watching Austin wade through the water. You wonder whats going on in that mind of his. I watch the older kids in the neighborhood jump on rafts and swim but only at this age does the beach part seem to get so much use. He loves just playing around in the shallow and throwing toys a few feet in front of him pretending he is in the deepest of water. He doesn't even test going in the deep. He's definitely not one of those kids that you just find randomly jumping off the counter or flying off the stairwell with his cape on. He's adventurous but he doesn't worry me at all down on the beach.
And wherever you find Austin, you'll find Ava. She calls him 'my Austin'. She asks many times throughout the day and even first thing in the morning, 'where'd my Austin go?'.
 Is she growing up too fast or what? Doesn't seem fair. She talks non-stop and is potty trained....and don't even get me started on the attitude. Whew! "I hope you have a child just like you someday" is flashing before my eyes.
 Grandpa made sure to come over nice and early to get a head start on fishing.
 Austin is not shy when it comes to picking up, touching, kissing, or carrying around a fish for everyone to see.

 My friend/co-worker/neighbor Kristin brought over her own little Gerber Baby, Maxton.
Now since Austin has caught a bigger fish like this, he's always requesting to catch a bass.And when I say caught, I mean Grandpa puts the worm on, hooks the fish, and lets Austin reel it in. The best part is saved for him and the reactions are worth it!

Ava and her Grandma-look-alike
Part of the Faasse clan
Part of the Stouten clan. We are always pleased when Grandpa Ed can join us. He thoroughly enjoys being able to watch the kids run around and play. If I was 92, I would ask to be parked right in front of those little bundles of entertainment too.
These are the do-ers. Kate and Uncle Gary don't mind playing any game at any time. Uncle Gary can fish all day, ride in a boat or raft, play frisbee, etc. Kate will do the same. Reminds me of Grandma Jackie. Always loved to play games with all the family around. She always had the newest frisbee or tossing game. That and always the newest candy. We had that in common. 'Oh this is a new sour candy with sour stuff in the middle sprinkled with sour?? I'll take a whole box!'
This is our newest little neighbor Brayden. His Mom was gone for the weekend so we invited him and his Dad over for burgers and to play on the beach. The more the merrier in my book. And the best part is that my family treats them like family. I love that about them. Embrace others as you would want them to embrace you. Plus, how could you not want to hang out with this cool dude?
Glad we caught Jason in between all the landscaping projects he had going on. Memorial Day was THE day for sales on trees, shrubs, grasses, etc. So Jason and my Mom went to the greenhouse and came back with a truck load! Not to mention a huge river birch for the front yard. We just happen to have some willing family members we could put to work (and a neighbor across the street who also helped out and was paid in burgers and beer)
Kate brought dessert. She picked out M&M ice cream cones. Those were a huge hit. Gracie thought so too.
And Ava. But no one was surprised by that.
Fishing doesn't get old when they continue to bite like they did on this holiday.

Jackie and Aunt Carol share some laughs (or I think this was when we tried to get Jackie to do her fake laugh, it's so awesome that you can't help but bust out laughing yourself)

I love this. He's so happy! and I can just hear him with his deeper voice when he's excited 'ooooh, it's a BIG one!'

The dimples come out when he's really happy.

I think these three pics should be blown up in a frame. I could fill my house with photos.

Gracie loves Lily. She toddles toward her and starts pointing at her like 'hey! sit down! what are you!?'

What a great day! Who could ask for better!? I feel complete when we have a holiday like this. I always get to brag to other how my family comes over, brings food, cleans up, and brings a whole lot of laughs! Blessed.
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