Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ava: 11 mos

My little baby girl is just one month shy of becoming 1 year old! Now that's nuts. But I have to say that life seems just a little bit easier lately. We don't have a new baby, I am not breastfeeding or pregnant....but those things definitely ruled our lives for the last 2 years.

Ava loves to stand and cruise along the furniture, but no where close to walking at this moment. She usually crawls where the action is and then crawls up someone's leg to pick her up. She also loves to dance, which is so adorable as she sways back and forth....she did not learn those dance moves from me, must be from her daddy.
She is such a good eater. I wish she could teach Austin how to eat like that. I remember he used to do the same. There must be some toddler switch that goes off that says, 'from today forward, you will not like anything but applesauce and fruit snacks...done!' She did get Austin's love for greek yogurt though.

Down to just a few bottles a day and the countdown to never buying formula again is on.

She still loves a pacifier much more than Austin ever did, so wish me luck as I toss them before her 1st birthday party.

My children have chosen to talk over walking in their developmental staging, so Ava talks up a storm. She says, I love you, Austin, more, all done, and all those adorable mama, dada, and many other babbles.

Bath time remains a blast with both kiddos done a once, but Ava seems to be in a bad habit of drinking half the bath water. She's also starting the infamous standing in the bathtub which drives me nuts since she's just not that stable. Those chunky thighs can take her down so fast!

Still getting away with some 12 month clothing but not for long. My mom however, just bought her, her first pair of 'real' shoes. I am an anti-shoe wearing mom until they are really standing and cruising because I don't find the point other than being cute. So anyhoo, the guy at Stride Rite was like 'woah, those are tiny feet'. I don't know what average size is for an almost 1 year old, but she's a size 3, a small 3. Maybe she will take after my Mom and Aunt Carol with those itty bitty size 6 feet.

She still only has those bottom two teeth which doesn't seem to stop her from eating everything in site, but it only makes me cringe for those upcoming teething tantrums!

Well......Ava's Birdie Birthday is in the works.......Can't wait!
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