Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Build: Exterior Stone, Siding, and Driveway Oh My!

After choosing our siding color, Jason and I had decided on a stone color immediately after seeing all the options out there. We love the dark colored stone with the hint of tan and light grey to tie it all together.
The driveway and sidewalk are in and my shoes couldn't be happier! The front of the house has been a muddy pit since the beginning and it's nice to finally walk on cement! Not to mention our driveway in Kalamazoo was gravel....what a pain that was to shovel in the winter! I love the small detail that even goes into the diagonal lines of the driveway.
I don't believe I ever got a picture of the west side of the house since they finished the siding...so here it is
And that's about all the updates I have so far! I know that since Jason has been gone there have been some more changes on the interior but I just haven't had a chance to get in there and check them out! Busy busy busy is all that I can say. BUT, I have met with the interior designer for a 2nd time to check out all the ideas she came up with to fit our lifestyle. I was floored with how perfect she matched the ideas in my head to what I wanted to see in our home. I can't wait for Jason to check them out when he gets home so we can order some furniture! AND we get to order our cabinets finally when Jason gets back as well.....decisions, decisions, here we come!!
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