Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Moving Day

My pictures of moving day are few and far between. It was nothing short of a beautiful mess. We couldn't have been more grateful for all the family that drove to Kalamazoo to help us pack up the past 5 years into one large 26 foot Uhaul truck! Every corner I turned, there was bins and boxes being packed and stacked, family members scurrying in every direction, doors being taken off so furniture could fit, and disappearing pumpkin bread.

Just a very minor amount of boxes and bins. We numbered our bins and wrote on note cards what are in them, and we have 37 bins!! Add that many boxes and all our furniture and we sure filled up that truck!

I couldn't help but turn my face away when I saw the build up of dust that a 1930s home can create under the furniture..... Gross! Of course I had been neglecting deep cleaning once Austin came around and boy did it show!

It only took us about 2 hours to load everything up and be on the road to Grand Rapids to the 3 bedroom 3 bath townhouse just a stone's throw away from my parents house. I stayed in the center of the commotion to direct boxes here, there, and everywhere! My original thought was that our one-stall garage would be ceiling high with boxes and Baby #2's room would be the same with bins. We came across a bonus storage shed outside by our back patio which was a nice suprise.

There is definitely more storage in this place than I anticipated, including a spacious laundry room awaiting our brand new washer and dryer! Jason and I have never needed to buy those before because 922 Ira had those old 70's yellow washer and dryer. I will miss those old appliances! Even though the buzzer didn't work on either appliance (not that I would have been able to hear since they were in the dungeon basement) and you had to set the dryer for two 40 minute cycles to dry a load, oh and not to mention the washer had hot or cold and one cycle......they still worked, so why replace them!? But now, I am anticipaing those brand new Samsung silver front loaders with that steam cycle, oooooh I just can't wait! So many features and buttons......nothing like getting excited about doing laundry makes you feel like your getting older!

But now we are here and ready to get a start on the build. Jason is finalizing the plans for the build and we practically have our double lot secured. We even had an offer on our house after the first open house but not sure yet if we'll come to an agreement on pricing. At least something has come thru but it's only been on the market for 1 week so you never know.

There are still plenty of  boxes to be unpacked but right now we are busy enough as it is and will tackle those slowly but surely. We have seen my parents daily since we got here but mainly because they want to see Austin, but can you blame them? Having their first and only grandson just down the road has to be the best part of it all!!
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