Monday, September 26, 2011

From Cough to Cold to Pink Eye

This past month has been so tough for Austin. With this really only being his 2nd cold, we have been so lucky to not have experience ear infections or other nasty things brought home for daycare, until now. His cough has been ongoing for weeks but it was just starting to get better when we noticed his goopy eyes. It only got worse over the weekend and he ended up having to go to the pediatrician for some drops. The poor little guys still has a runny nose and a cough, but now on top of it, he has red, itchy eyes. At least it should be all better in time for our big move this weekend. We have lots of family helpers and I think everyone will be taking turns playing with Austin rather than packing up the boxes, since that's an easy decision to make! But this is what makes me excited for our move, FAMILY! I don't like when we have to go months without seeing Aunts and Uncles and cousins because Austin is growing up too fast and they don't get a chance to experience all the fun. Before Austin, it had been many many moons since we had a little one in the family, and now that we have Austin and Jaqueline, we just need to be in town with all of them.

As much as this cold has him crabby at times and oddly happy at others, we are still trying to squeeze in a last few minutes outside before the "S" word comes, although that should be lots of fun for Austin too!

 My sick little buddy
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