Saturday, October 15, 2011

Eleven months

It's kinda crazy to be telling people that my son will be 1 year old next month! Austin couldn't be growing up more quickly this past month since he has been able to pull himself up to everything and trying so hard to stand on his own. There seems to be nothing he would rather be doing than walking with some help.

He is eating tons more regular food which is so nice to be able to feed him whatever rather than always having baby food made and ready. He has an endless pit for a stomach and that has never changed, except in the morning he seems to be wanting to get away from the bottle and rather eat a meal.

He says 'ma-ma' so much more frequently than before but 'da-da' still trumps!

He has proven to me that this move has been nothing but a small change to him since he has transitioned without problems. He seems to be doing great at his new in-home daycare even though it still seems to have left a pain in my heart since he loved his daycare center in Kalamazoo so much. So much commotion with all those children running around which he enjoyed but at least now he can get outside more often and get some more one-on-one attention.

He crawls around on all fours but if he wants to get somewhere fast, he converts back to his good 'ole army crawling.

His hair doesn't stop growing and its a challenge to always feel that he needs a haircut!

Bathtime isn't as long and great as it used to be since I have to constantly set him back on his butt since he wants to stand the whole time. We also need to find somewhere with better bath toys cause the cups and rubber duck we have don't seem to keep his attention.

This boy is just go-go-go all the time! He wants to get home from daycare and eat something and then just play until he drops! He is in all of his toys, walking around on the furniture, playing with his tabletop toys, on and off his choo-choo train, playing with the vents and door stoppers, by the stairs and trying to climb them, chasing the dog, racing towards the dog dishes, standing at the coffee table and playing with everything I forgot to put away or up high.....the list goes on!

We are so lucky to be living close to family now and I can't wait to watch you grow up with your cousin Jaqueline!
One more month until your birthday buddy, and I CAN NOT believe it!!
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