Sunday, September 18, 2011

10 months

Our little man is growing up so fast. He has taken over the house by crawling all over the place. He's not up on all fours crawling, but it's more of a push with one leg and pull with the opposite arm type of crawl. He is really fast with this mode but I can't imagine what speed all fours can get up to. He loves to stand at the furniture to play and he could walk all day long by just holding on to your fingers. He is standing on his own for a few seconds but knows that he needs to grab on if he wants to start stepping. His favorite game right now is probably sitting on his train. Jason pushes him real fast around the living room but Austin is getting the hang of pushing himself around a little with his feet.

His favorite toy by far is a fisher price car that has a ball on top of it, and if you roll it or shake a rattle near it, then it goes around in circles. Now since he can move around, he is able to chase this car all over the living room. He also loves to play with any cord that is left plugged in, so we are constantly reminded to unplug our laptops.

He books it for Lily's food and water dishes no matter where you hide them, so poor Lily is always searching around the house for where her dishes could be hidden next. Austin has recently developed his two front teeth up top, and the tooth next to his only bottom tooth is also in. Three teeth at once was no picnic!

He loves to eat my homemade baby food still but is starting to learn how to grasp onto finger foods so hopefully I can stop trying to keep up with the supply and demand of Austin's endless pit of a belly. He loves to crunch onto the gerber cheese puffs "lil crunchies" they are called.  He does really good holding onto and drinking from a sippy cup but if you don't take it away right after he gets a good drink, then on the floor it goes. He knows how to drop things out of his stroller and wagon, and it becomes an endless game on walks. My mom even thought heavier rocks would keep his attention and stay in the wagon but even those he was able to throw out!

I wish I had more pictures to post but my poor excuse is the busy wedding weekends we have had! My parents have enjoyed having Austin on the weekends but they are about to get more of him as we are planning on moving in the next few weeks. We found a townhouse to rent right next to my parents home and plan to stay there during our build....which is still pending since we haven't bought a lot yet, but hopefully soon!
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