Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hands On Museum

We were fortunate enough to see some family this past weekend as they came down state for a surgery at U of M for our nephew. We immediately needed something to do for all of us. Something for adults and kids of all ages. So without much time and research, the Hands On Museum sounded perfect!

Here is Austin and I in front of an e-mail simulator! Austin and I have issues when it comes to photos together....he just never seems to look at the camera...

This photo is interesting to me in sooo many ways! Hilarious how both Shannon, my sister in law, and I are full of huge smiles, encouraging the boys to say hi to one another. Cayden here is about 8 months, while Austin is 5 1/2 months. They both happen to share the same Rogers blonde hair and blue eyes, as well as look adorable in their striped polos. Shannon and I both have our strollers jam packed full of stuff to keep the boys happy as the husbands run around with the older girls, Mireya and Samara.
Our niece Samara is just beyond adorable at times. She stood in the middle of this exhibit and pulled a string that made a bar come up to make huge bubbles all while she was on the inside! This picture just makes me smile!
I wish I had more pictures to post but with 4 kids and 4 adults and over 250 hands-on exhibits, we kept busy as it was! It was great to watch everyone learn so much and have so much fun. I can't wait to bring Austin to something like this again when he can play around like the girls did.
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