Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dining Room Updates Continue

Apparently the dining room is getting a whole new look all around!! Jason is still working on the built-in and the bench but decided, heck, why not replace the door to the pantry too! Actually, he is planning on replacing most of the doors to rooms and closets in the house in the next few months. Most of the doors are old and don't shut all the way. So here is the first of the many door replacements!

As usual, Jason starts a project so quickly, I can barely jump in to get a 'before' picture. He already took off the door here and is starting to remove all the old trim.
 Here you are looking into the pantry and the old door is propped to the right.
 The new door is in place with new trim and craftsmen like detail at the top. The trim is MDF and has yet to be primed and painted!
We still have priming and painting to do on the built-in and bench, so my guess is that a painting party is happening sometime soon!
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