Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ava: 4 years old

Oh Ava. Why do I feel like you turned 4 years old a while ago?

Ava is all about everything 'tea party'. Jason did her justice when building this house by building her a big closet. She has enough room in there for a little Ikea table and chair set where she holds most of her tea parties. She loves to have secret little parties in there.

She also loves her 'babies'. She makes sure you whisper in her bedroom whenever her babies are sleeping in their crib.

She is quite the terrible eater. Just like me when I was her age. Or if you were talking to Jason, just like me now. She is pretty picky so we work hard on that one 'no thank-you bite' just to get her to try something. She often lies and says how good it is, but you know she's choking it down with water. I'm not so sure I could pin her favorite food since she doesn't eat a lot of anything but she does love pepperonis.

When I help her get dressed in the morning, it is often incredibly early. So with her eyes half shut, she asks, 'is this a dress?' if the answer is no, you better go back upstairs and find a dress for her to wear. Anything she can twirl in.

She loves gymnastics and ballet. I am considering maybe a pre-K drama class. She loves show tunes and knows all the songs to the Sound of Music. I always sing to her before bed and she learns any new song word for word in just a few nights.

Despite being almost as tall as her brother, she still talks younger. By that I mean, I cherish the way she says yeyyow (yellow) Or gwampa (grandpa) for example or one of my favorites is mudder (mother)

She is going to give us trouble since were already talked to last week at school about her kissing her best friend Alden. Really Ava? Already with the boys!

She loves everything Disney Princess. She loves Elsa of course, but she is a big fan of Belle right now from Beauty and the Beast.

She already writes her name (although the straight lines of Ava is pretty cake for name writing) and we're told at school she is already getting a hang of math! My cousin Kelly the math whiz would be so proud!

Anytime she has more of something than Austin or has something that he wants, she easily hands it over to him. She isn't to the age where winning is everything so she just shrugs her shoulders and lets him have the item or the win.

She isn't so hard to get upstairs to bed for bedtime, but she certainly milks every opportunity to stay up later. Reading extra books, singing me songs, has me sing her some songs, wants to play a game of rock paper scissors, or the staring contest, then play 'tickle me', then she asks for  a snack, after that snack she says she's still hungry, then she might need some water, or says she didn't give me a hug and a kiss, then time to say prayers, then she has to come downstairs to tell me to sleep good, then she says she has to tell me something but forgot.......and on and on.
She has a great imagination and loves to make up songs and stories. She goes off on tangents and then the story just ends. My favorite are her campfire scary stories. ' AND THEN....there was a noise!!! AND THEN...out came a bear....AND THEN.......'
She's pretty easy to bribe for these little shoots to model all this clothing. 'Ava if you take some pictures you can have some candy....'  ' OKAY!!'
This is her new kitchen set by KidKraft. It fits great in her room, not too big or small. She loves the little phone on the side of the fridge. She sat on the floor next to her bed the last few nights and called a few friends. Mainly telling them if they ate a good dinner they could come over to play.

Oh Ava, 4 going on fourteen! Love you to pieces my little peanut pie!
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