Sunday, July 26, 2015

Visit from Gma Candy and Gpa Kirk

 Grandma Candy and Grandpa Kirk came to visit us in June! It happened to be the opening weekend of Frederik Meijer's Japanese Gardens. I thought it'd be fun to take them there since they have never been there before. Plus, I couldn't wait to see the new gardens!

Say ROAR!!
The gardens have TONS and tons of paths to walk through and around and all over the place.
The pictures just doesn't do it justice. This is just a tiny piece of them. With everything built in Japan and shipped over, they then flew over artisans from Japan to put it together exactly as it would be over there.
This is at the highest point in the gardens. I can only imagine many people just might say 'YES' on this very spot!

After the Japanese gardens, we walked around the sculpture park.

We had fun along the walk even with a little bit of rain along the way.
Hopefully we can get up there to visit them this upcoming month before Jason has to leave for the fall. I am dreading summer ending for many reasons and the fact that he'll be gone for 10 weeks just makes me all sorts of anxious. Trying to enjoy the hear and now.....

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