Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ava: 1 year old

Hard to believe that she is already one year old. My cute little silly peanut.

She isnt close to walking just yet but Jason or I could tell you she is one good climber and boy does she pinch! She's my little cling-on...always wanting to be held. It's nice to have a change in children since Austin never once was a cuddler.

Always funny to hear her teachers at school....."she is one excellent eater!" So true. She pushes away anything similiar to baby food and reaches for whatever is on my plate. Again, nice for a change since Austin is such a picky eater!

Growing like a little weed she is just now getting out of 12 months clothes.
She devoured that cookie!
I can't believe I am done with formula forever....praise the Lord!

She has three little teeth on the bottom and that's it......dreading the teeth that are yet to come....

Happy Birthday to you!

Let the cupcake war begin.....

I'll share Mom....

Ava wins!

Austin had a good time too of course

Perfect theme for the party oh my how that first year really did FLY by! Love you more and more each day Aba.....nope not a spelling error, we are all used to calling her Aba thanks to Austin.....

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