Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Build: Random Updates

Who knows what I even call this update.....I am pretty behind on blogging about the house. The painting has started which means that all my free nights are spent painting rooms at the house. We are focusing on the upstairs right now but here are some pics of a few updates.

Here is a sneak peek of the lower bath. Jason decided to give the main floor bath some special trim....why not!? It is the bathroom everyone will be using so it only makes sense for it to have something special.

Here is a view of the kitchen from the living room now with primer sprayed on. To the right of the hood is the pantry and it was just sprayed a beautiful color called French Grey. Very difficult to get photos of but I'll give it another try soon!

Here is the living room. The beams are covered for the primer spray and the mantel has been nailed up!
Ok not much to update in this posting but the next one has all the upstairs rooms since they have been painted. My mom just pointed out that she has been missing my blog posts but most nights right now we are at the house painting, so that makes less time for blogging. Also I ran out of free space on my blog, but turns out I just need to post less of a resolution for my photos so if they don't turn out as great, I may end up just paying the fee....whatever it takes to rough house with the rogers, right!?
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