Monday, November 12, 2012

Austin: 2 years

Austin-o-saurus had so much fun at his Dinosaur Birthday Party!

He is really growing into such a little man. He talks and understands so much more everyday and that's the best part of it all. He repeats everything you say so now is the time for everyone to watch what they say around him.

My favorite is the words that are too big for him but he finds a way to say in his own language.....Gackum=Grandpa......Bokobees= Popsicle

He absolutely loves applesauce, goldfish crackers, and macaroni and cheese! He enjoys most all fruits and steers clear of anything new, barely putting it in his mouth to taste.

We are in the "me do it" stage where Austin loves to do things himself.

He is such a big helper. He helps put the clothes in the washer, gets Ava her pacifier, and even helps with the dishes. He helps dress himself but hates to put on his shoes unless it means he gets to play outside. If it means getting ready for school or leaving school to go home....he wins that battle.

He loves dump trucks, dinosaurs and fire trucks.

If you ask Austin if he wants to watch cartoons, he says Mickey Mouse. But the moment you touch the remote, he'll change his mind to Little Einsteins, and back and forth he goes.

Every color is "Bue" in Austin's book.

He loves to sing and dance. His favorite songs to sing are the ABC's (he often misses out on T-U-V, but "Double X" is the next best part), Happy Birthday, and Old MacDonald ("nay nay here, nay nay here").

We are hoping that it was just a fluke that our family and extended family was sick with the GI bug (again!!)  right at Austin's birthday.......we don't want to make that a tradition!

So much fun to watch Austin open his presents, sing Happy Birthday to himself, and eat all the frosting off his cupcake.....just the frosting (sound like anyone you know?).

He makes us all laugh on a daily basis. He is strong-willed and independent. He is my blue eyed, blond hair, 2 year old buddy.
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