Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Everyday

As summer will come to a close quickly, I thought it'd be nice to post a few photos of the kiddos and what they are up to.

Austin is moving up in school to the next classroom (from Panda to Monkey) and that means he will be with the "big kids" who are potty training. That should be interesting! He has been transitioning well and even falling asleep at the lunch table since he is so tuckered out from playing with his new friends.

He seems to be collecting tricycles at my parents house! We are trying to find Austin bikes that he can ride since he likes to be more active than sit in a car or wagon for walks.

Most weekends at my parents include some type of water activity. We found this awesome sprinkler that squirts water every which way and it has been the new favorite thing to play with.
Austin and Grandpa (Gackum, in Austin language) are still the best of buds. Austin loves to watch the neighbors rev up their motorcycles and head out for a ride. He also loves the other noises the outdoors have to share like lawnmowers! He is always ready to investigate whatever projects any of the neighbors are up to.

Austin sure is talking lots these days! I love being able to undestand his wants and needs...for the most part. If it's one word Austin knows best, it's "outside!". He loves being outdoors and has learned to put on his shoes, stand by the slider door, and point and say "outside". If that isn't enough, he points and says "Lily" to make sure she can come along too.

Moving on to Miss Ava. As I just posted her 6 month blog, she has been sitting up well on her own. She is growing out of 6 month clothes and it was a challenge to get her into her bathing suit this past time. I remember being excited for Austin as he would have plenty of clothes awaiting him in the next size, and for Ava, I think I better hit the mall since she barely has a few 9 month outfits. No one reading this is surpised I don't have the time for shopping, but hopefully soon or Ava will be going to school in her diaper!

I was hoping we'd be moving into our house this month, but it looks like it's pushed back to the end of October. Jason and I are about at end of our limits with this routine, but we have to push through these next few months so we can at least move in and be under the same roof again! Although it wont be summer when we move in, it sure will be nice to spend the fall nights sitting out on the deck (if it's finished!).Many things can wait to be finished after we move in and I know I can endure all things after living in construction routinely at our Ira house in Kalamazoo. For now, we are thankful we aren't cramped in the townhouse and that we haven't killed each other yet (probably cause we are both too tired to attempt!)
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