Sunday, September 16, 2012

A day at the zoo

Our recent trip to the zoo was fairly cold compared to the 80 to 90 degree weather we have been having. So it was a last minute decision to pack everybody up and head out to the zoo!

As usual, Grandma and Ava stuck together just as Grandpa and Austin did. Here we are riding in the new funicular at the John Ball Zoo.
Grandma and Ava overlook the animals
Waiting for Austin and Grandpa to ride the camel
Austin was excited to get up close to the camel but I don't think he was aware he was going to be getting ON the camel.......
Uh-oh....not too happy about riding the camel....
After the not-so-fun camel ride, we moved on to the Budgie Aviary. A caged in area full of Budgies! These cute little birdies that are EVERYWHERE! Hundreds of birds flying around and Austin loved it.
I could barely take any photos because apparently I was wearing the right colors. I had birds climbing up my camera strap, landing on my head, back, shoulders, and even on the front of my camera as I tried to take pics. I managed to snap one of Grandpa and Austin feeding the birds before we had to leave. We would have stayed a little bit longer if Austin wasn't trying to stomp on the birds!
Of course another huge hit with Austin was the petting zoo. He loves goats! I am laughing as I upload this photo because both the goat and Austin are being restrained from tackling each other!
Hey Sheep, whatchya doin'?

I think Austin was trying to figure out why these goats weren't running away from him.
Bye John Ball Zoo.....we had a blast....until next time!

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